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Consultation Manager was founded in 2003 by Andrew McKay and Colin McEown, but the seed was sown much earlier by the founders’ recognition of the need for better stakeholder data management. Having worked in community consultation for five years, Colin also realised that since community consultation projects required substantial fieldwork and often involved multiple organisations and geographically dispersed teams, the only solution to this problem was to create a web-based platform. So, in a time when ‘cloud’ only referred to the white fluffy masses of condensed water floating in the sky, Consultation Manager became the first cloud-based stakeholder knowledge management platform.


Today, Consultation Manager is a global knowledge sharing platform, used on more than 2,000 projects internationally. Although we think big, our team remains small, and our clients at the forefront of everything that we do. Our work is underpinned by our shared values, which speak to the way we see ourselves, our product, our clients and our future. Check them out below!


Our first platform was developed in consultation with our users, and we continue to follow this client-driven ethos to this day. We made it to this point through strong relationships with our clients, and the positive word-of-mouth that comes from happy customers has seen us grow exponentially (and without a sales team for the most part!).


Consultation Manager continues to re-define the way information is shared across teams. Whether you are in corporate, government or not-for-profit, Consultation Manager empowers teams of all sizes to manage risk and build better relationships.


Our Vision

To be the world’s leading knowledge sharing solution, connecting everyone to everything, everywhere.


Our Mission

We bring knowledge sharing to the connected world.


Our Values

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We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and information security. For more information, please download our policies.