eNews / SMS

Proactive engagement has never been easier.

Concerned stakeholders need to be kept up to date on your projects.  And sometimes vital information needs to be distributed immediately – meetings need to be scheduled or cancelled, public forums announced, hazard notices provided.

And when key decisions on controversial issues come down – you want your stakeholders to hear it from you first. Immediate messaging is the key and eNews / SMS is the answer.

The eNews and SMS have helped us to be really proactive with our clients and more responsive to their needs.

Liz Storr, Iluka Resources

Consultation Manager empowers you to:

  • Create informative emails with your corporate branding quickly and easily
  • Target different messages to different audiences with distribution lists
  • Personalise your messages using mail-merge features
  • Broadcast email and sms to hundreds or thousands of stakeholders simultaneously
  • Track delivery and review statistics to ensure your messages are cutting through

And since your eNews and SMS messages are automatically logged within Consultation Manager, they will show up in your reports along with all the other forms of communication you use in your process, without you having to do anything.

We used to outsource our database and external management to external parties but now we do that all in-house saving us thousands of dollars yearly.

John Steyntjes, Water Corporation of Western Australia