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Demographic profiling – know your community

When preparing a community engagement strategy, you need to know who your community members are, because if you don’t understand key aspects of your community, such as their history, age, social and economic characteristics or even their political persuasion, your engagement may not be as effective as it could be… Community Profiles Community (or stakeholder) profiles are […]

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Engaging in Financial Services Industries

For years, the bond between a bank and its customers has served as the operational backbone of business processes. Building customer engagement isn’t something that develops overnight. Trust, dialogue and consideration need to be continually built upon to form relationships with customers. A study by Gallap suggests each engaged customer is likely to bring banks 37% more annual revenue compared […]

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How to overcome the common reasons employees are resistant to share information

Most organisations have two types of employees: People who embrace sharing expertise and creating meaningful and transparent data or, members who keep business information to themselves. Modern, effective businesses aim to reduce the number of employees who hoard knowledge. Data transparency contributes to increased productivity, improves data transparency and helps prioritise work. The goal for organisations […]

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Three benefits of sharing knowledge and how this creates efficiencies across teams

Organisational knowledge sharing helps create a competitive business advantage. Knowledge Management Systems improve operational efficiency and help the business quickly respond to change. Teams need information sharing capabilities to support organisational and strategic activities. Let’s look at how data transparency can improve operational activities. Tina, the Minister’s personal assistant, needs access to last week’s PR meeting. Kevin, from […]

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What is Internal Team Knowledge Sharing?

We all share knowledge everyday. At work, at home, across different channels. But what does effective knowledge sharing look like in the field of stakeholder engagement? A common problem we are often asked to solve is increasing transparency across teams. But what is the underlying issue we are actually trying to solve here? A scenario might […]

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